Take Back 2020


Our veterans fought hard and sometimes with their lives for our freedom. Even though WE'VE been some of the those lucky enough to come back, war leaves scars, both seen and unseen.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are over 522,000 veterans that reside in Arizona. It can take months to get seen at the VA clinic downtown and even here. What does this mean for you, for your spouse, your relative or your neighbor? It means they could be in dire physical or mental health need, and not be seen in time. Veterans need to be able to see community providers, not only when the VA can’t support them in a timely manner, but simply if they feel there is a provider within their community that they have easy access to.

Additionally, many Arizona Veterans support having their property taxes taken, but would like to see those funds going to Veteran lead and Veteran Support Services. Arizona can partner with the MVD and the County Assessor to identify and re-appropriate those funds and provide further support to our Vets. 

When you vote for me, Sarah Tyree for State Senate, you vote for a Veteran who is and will continue fighting for Veterans everywhere.

Child Safety

Our County Assessor isn’t the first to take part in illegal adoptions of Arizona and International children. Our children are NOT objects or possessions. They are tiny, innocent human beings, that belong with and should grow up being loved by their family!

There is a very large and dangerous misconception that children are much safer in DCS/DJJ, when in fact many children suffer more while in custody. I believe that we must bring this issue back to the community, that we support our own. I believe we should continue to fund and strengthen our Prevention and Early Intervention programs that not only keep families together but teach parents and care givers healthy parenting skills.


 I decided to run for State Senate, in order to make forward changes in our community. My goal is to bring policy back where it belongs, with the people. To me, The Take Back 2020 is about overcoming the current system and empowering Arizona voters to take back their power, their voice, and their vote. It's about putting aside our differences in order to be able to make the changes necessary for a better Arizona.



Our children often spend 5 - 10 hours a day out of the home, with a teacher and a classroom of their peers. This is where we used to learn about responsibility, life skills, emotional intelligence and how to interact with others in a healthy way. 

Public School funding continues to be cut drastically low and educational priorities are so skewed, that youth are no longer being taught about the importance of finances or life skills. So many of our youth are joining the community unprepared for life as an adult. Our youth are attempting to enter the workforce without any dexterity, because schools no longer teach trade skills classes such as welding, woodworking or technology. I would like to create incentives between our local businesses and the high schools so that Junior and Senior students can intern and begin gaining that experience needed prior to entering the workforce. This also builds and adds to the relationships between businesses and the people they serve!

Many ask where will we get this money from if we aren't taxing our residents. The Arizona Constitution says that the Legislature is responsible for providing and ensuring public education. It IS our legislatures duty to provide. Over the last few years, the Arizona Lottery has provided over 80 Million dollars to three schools in Arizona. ASU, UofA and NAU. If the legislature can write into law these schools will be awarded up to 80% of lottery proceeds, then they CAN write into law that public schools will be funded.

Our teachers need to be adequately paid, our classrooms need to be fully supplied, our youth need to be taught life skills that will help them succeed and we need to support having social workers in schools. We need to invest in our futures and our futures ARE our children! 


Surprise billing sometimes also called “Balance billing”, is the practice of a healthcare provider billing a patient for the difference between what the patient's health insurance chooses to reimburse and what the provider chooses to charge.

Arizona is one of a few states where we only have partial protection against surprise billing. While I fight for full protection and prohibition of surprise billing, let me and my team teach you how to keep these less than pleasant bills to a minimum. 

Healthcare should be a right not a financial privilege! Everyone deserves to be treated with prompt, personalized care that is respectable and informational, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, profession or social class. 


As the west valley continues to grow and expand it is imperative for us as legislators and representatives of our cities and state to be informed and acknowledge the growing need for the transportation infrastructure and transit options for the people of the west valley and rural areas. Studies show when people have access to transportation, they make it to education, to their healthcare appointment and are healthier. Meaning they take less time off work.

Economic Growth 

Our Country and our State are headed straight for an economic crisis. Our locally owned businesses are having to close their doors with the uncertainty of ever opening again. While we prepare to rebuild our economy, as your State Senator, I will fight to not impose anymore taxes on our small businesses and/or individual taxpayers. I will work hard to find wasteful and unnecessary spending and close the gaps, so that we can rebuild our economy faster.

In unprecedented times of crisis, we must begin our work with immediate, rapid response interventions. When a short-term crisis becomes a long-term reality, it can be beneficial to simultaneously use together rapid response planning and short, medium and long term thinking.

Covid-19 Resources

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  3. Department of Treasury: Small Business Info



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