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It's Time for Tyree

Providing Jobs and Housing to the Unsheltered

The Second Chance Law – We CAN be a business first and people first state at the same time! By supporting the people, we support the economy. More healthy, stable people means, more people working and spending money. Many Arizonans intersect with the legal system in one way or another and then struggle finding work again, struggle with finding safe, affordable housing, struggle to do more than survive. That’s why I am proposing the Second Chance Law. The Second Chance Law partners community housing and businesses with the people they serve at an all new level! It provides Trauma Informed Training to providers who are willing to opt-in and give second chances, then provides them with liability insurance and a small “sunset” tax incentive and in return, they provide jobs and housing. This provides cover for landlords and businesses and encouragement for people returning to the community!

Housing Inflation

The housing market has increased by +20% in the last year. Did you know that the Legislature has the ability to put a cap on rent or let landlords continue to hike prices? Did you know that the Legislature also has the ability to prevent out of state investors raise our cost of living by buying up all the properties and reselling them at 3-4x their actual value? The negligence of the current legislature is causing the majority of Arizonans to live beyond their means and others forced out. I support capping rent and promise that I will fight at the Capitol to end this inflation.

It's also incredibly important for us to create Renter Supportive structure around rental contracts and laws. Many companies use predatory language that are intended to exploit consumers with their terms of service and penalties that often last a life time. Help me fight for your right to Fair, Safe and Affordable housing, by voting Sarah Tyree for State Senate.

 I decided to run for LD29 State Senate, in order to make forward changes in our community. My goals are to CREATE jobs and increase retention for the unsheltered, to STOP rental/mortgage inflation, PROTECT Minority rights and INCREASE funding and access to mental health and support services.

  • Time for renter rights and protections

  • Time to stop Wall Street from buying up our homes

  • Time for affordable, quality physical and mental healthcare

  • Time to end Surprise Billing

  • Time for quality, accessible education

  • Time for housing, healthcare and employment for the unsheltered

  • Time to protect the rights of ALL Minorities


Protecting Minority Rights


Surprise billing sometimes also called “Balance billing”, is the practice of a healthcare provider billing a patient for the difference between what the patient's health insurance chooses to reimburse and what the provider chooses to charge.

Arizona is one of a few states where we only have partial protection against surprise billing. While I fight for full protection for you and prohibition of surprise billing, let me and my team teach you how to keep these less than pleasant bills to a minimum. 

Healthcare should be a right not a financial privilege!

             Everyone deserves to be treated with prompt, personalized care that is respectable and informational, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, profession or social class and to have access to physical and mental healthcare regardless of preexisting conditions. As your next State Senator, I promise to fight for quality physical and mental health care for you and your loved ones. 

Mental Wellness is just as important as your Physical Wellness. If one fails, so does the other. As we continue to do self work towards being better, healthier humans, therapy becomes more important. As your next Senator, I will be advocating for therapy to become a "preventative" cost, with a $0 copay, so that everyone has access to therapy!

Second Chance Law
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