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Leading from the Front

The killing our George Floyd has sparked a chain of events across our nation. His death has begun to open the eyes of many, but unfortunately, told a common story in the Black community. His death also follows the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dion Johnson and countless others who were also killed by members of the law enforcement.

We grieve as a nation and we know that something must change. Sarah is an 8-year Army Veteran and she continues to fight for her country. Sarah has coordinated and conducted the planning of national/international related civil affairs, which have aided in reducing crisis and unnecessary casualties. As a Social Worker with 14 years’ experience, she believes in equality and knows that as a community, everyone can come together and create change.

We know that not all police officers are out to endanger the citizens in their communities. We have seen in recent, many who are in the trenches protecting and serving others in harm’s way, but we also know there is additional training needed when it comes to de-escalating techniques.

When you elect Sarah, you will elect someone who has the expertise to the legislature. Someone who will ensure that our communities are safe, and our officers are properly trained in cultural awareness and mental health. You will also elect someone who knows the importance of Justice for All.

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