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It's Time a Veteran Represents Veterans!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

As I think about my sisters and brothers in arms and all we've fought for, all we've sacrificed, all we've endured, I believe America at its' core, loves us back and will do what it can to repay us.

One way America gives back to Veterans, is by allowing individual states the ability to give property tax exemption to disabled Veterans! Did you know that Arizona does this? It will give $3K in expemtions for properties that are valued at LESS THAN $10K... yes you read that right. If the property is valued at more than $10K, there will not be a tax exemption.

When you vote Sarah Tyree for State Senate, you vote for an Army Veteran who knows just how much is given, who knows just how much is sacrificed and WILL fight for not only Veteran rights, but also for legislation that benefits us!

"As an OIF/OEF Veteran, who served in the Army for 8 years, I am running for office in order to be the voice of my veteran sisters and brothers and to make consistent and beneficial changes in our healthcare access."

President Trump has ordered that the government provide Veterans "seamless access" to health and mental healthcare providers and it's time Arizona puts that into action. Our veterans deserve to be protected and fought for the same way they protected and fought for us. Arizona is home to a reported 500,00 Veterans. It's time that Arizona put its' Veterans first and gives Veterans immediate access to community providers!

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