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Sarah Tyree Elected as AZLD29Dems Chair

On August 16, 2023

I was honored by being elected as the new Arizona LD29 Democrats  Chair.

When I think about why this is so vital, I think about you. You the person reading this. You the engaged LD29 voter. You, the soon to be engaged LD29 voter! The role of chair is to build community within their district and their siblings districts. The role of chair is to energize and empower those around them. The role of chair is to provide learning opportunities for those who didn't know they needed those learning moments. The role of this chair, Sarah Tyree, is to support her board, her LD, the candidates who've bravely stepped forward and turn her district and the Far West Valley, purple!

My commitment to all of you is to remain transparent, to be open, to be fluid but assertive and to create a foundation that leads to the future by learning from the past. Thank you LD29 for believing in me and my leadership and trusting me to guide us forward!

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