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What it Means to Say "Pro-Health."

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

It’s important that we express our changes in verbiage and how we move forward to making Arizona more inclusive. Pro-choice, Pro-life; Pro-health.

As Legislative District 22 State Senate Candidate, Sarah has been asked numerous times where she stands on pro-choice and pro-life matters . In a recent interview, Sarah was quoted saying,

“ I want to take it a step further and say that I am pro-health. I believe in supporting women in doing what's best for them. This means providing women and families with information, resources and support so that they can make a decision that best suits them.”

The future Senator explains what being pro-health means to her. “Defining Pro-Health can mean different things for different people. But for me it means that no situation is alike, and we cannot treat families with cookie cutter policies. Life does not stop at birth. It includes the quality of life one lives and the access they have to services that provide the best life possible. That is our Constitutional right. I am not here to judge, shame or talk anyone into one decision or another. I believe in creating space for women to feel safe enough to take in all of her options. Some women turn to their faith, some turn to their family, some turn inward and some turn to their community to find the choice best for them. I believe that in whatever decision is made, the woman and her family will be impacted and it is our duty as a community to support her/them.

This means ensuring there is access to clean and safe mental and physical healthcare.

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